Dynamic RPC filters (DCERPC) and firewalls

by Pber 18. May 2011 22:27
A while ago I needed to create an external trust through a firewall and created this blog entry discussing that.  I decided to revisit this article with an updated article as some new technologie... [More]

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AD user objects keep losing special permissions.

by Pber 21. June 2010 18:19
Sometimes it necessary to set special permissions on user objects.  For instance when using a Blackberry server, the SendAs permission needs to be set. I see many admins struggle with the se... [More]


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Too lazy to run without admin rights.

by Pber 12. April 2010 18:14
The best security is to use a limited (i.e. normal user) account for day to day operations and use a second administrative account only for administrative functions.  Too often, I see that m... [More]

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2008 R2 Feature: Managed Service accounts

by Pber 10. June 2009 19:29
In Windows Server 2008 R2 they've finally implemented something that should have been done long ago.  Managed Service Accounts.  This is a great idea and it will make administration of ... [More]

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